One good thing about music… when it hits you, you feel no pain.


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my absolute favorite album. The Beatles – Rubber Soul.

I had such a relaxing weekend. Sometimes you just need some ME time. I spent some time in the sunshine, read an amazing book, relaxed with my sweet pup, and dug my folks’ old turn table out of the garage… score one for me! I also found a trunk full of AMAZING albums. How did you spend your weekend?




my happy place + Led Zeppelin


Dog Days of Summer.


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my baby girl… looking hottt and keeping cool.

Frida and I spent our Saturday at Cardiff’s Dog Days of Summer. She participated in Dirty Dogs’ fashion show with her BFF Bitzy, made some new friends, and scored some pretty sweet swag! Dirty Dogs did a great job sponsoring this event! Frida and I had so much fun and we will definitely be making this a summer tradition!


Erica Stolman of fashionlushxx and Riley of Dirty Dogs… MCs extraordinaire!


puppy love ♥


Frida looking like she’s ready to take flight.


me & my sills topping off this fun day with a fun night out… complete with a late night 7-11 photo shoot between bars.

☮ & ❤ kt

Everybody’s workin’ for the weekend..


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“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

Today was my first day at my new job and i loved it! I am working for a Cosmetic Surgeon which perfectly blends my backgrounds in both the beauty industry and in healthcare. I am learning a lot and am excited for what is to come. It was beautiful outside today and I spent my lunch hour getting lost [not literally] on the beautiful nature trails throughout Balboa Park. Here are some photo highlights..

a trail of ♥s.

xx kt

DE.STRESS – D.I.Y. distressed tee..


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It’s the weekend… time to de-stress, and what better way than to make your own, custom distressed tee?!

This distressed Balmain shirt will burn a $1625 hole in your pocket… ouch!! Why shell out $1600 big ones when you can do it yourself?!?

Here’s what you’ll need..

+ one cotton t-shirt [any cotton tee will do.. just pick one that you think would be a little bit cuter if it were a little bit beat up]

+ sand paper or a pumice stone.. [i used this one!!]

+ an old textbook or hard covered book.. i used my good old bio book ☺[i NEVER sell back my old textbooks. Too many memories.. does this make me a hoarder?!! or just a nerd??]

Here’s what you’ll do..

+ wrap your tee around your textbook so that you are only working with one layer of the shirt at a time.

+ grab your sand paper or pumice stone and start sanding away.. you will start to see little holes appearing. How quickly this happens will depend on the texture of your tee and roughness of your file]

+ distress your tee to your liking.. [sometimes less is more.. sometimes more is more.. just depends on the style of your tee] & don’t forget the collar!!

+the last and final step is to rock your new, couture, super comfy creation!

xx kt

Smells like teen spirit..


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how i wore it..

+Top.. H&M distressed Nirvana T
+Dress.. H&M fitted stripe dress
+Shoes.. Gray Chuck Taylor All Stars
+Necklace.. Handmade by me @Silk & Honey [shop coming soon!!]
+Arm candy.. My collection consisting mainly of Silk & Honey pieces
+Ear cuff.. H&M

What did you wear today??
xx kt

You’re never fully dressed without a smile.


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While out to lunch with my dear friend and fellow fashion blogger, FASHIONLUSHxx, she asked me how my teeth were so white! My answer…? One of my new fav products, the Go Smile pen! I am a product junkie and love to spread the word about my favorite things. I love a white smile, yet hate having sensitive teeth! The Go Smile pen really seems to do the trick for me… a bright white smile minus the sensitivity [yay]!! I usually brush it on my teeth before bed and while I’m doing my makeup in the morning. It’s super easy and super effective! What more could a girl ask for?


Here it is… the GO SMILE on the Go Teeth Whitening Pen!  I got mine at ULTA ☺

… and if you’re curious, I’m wearing essie nail polish in ‘sexy divide‘  [two coats] topped off with essie’s  ‘set in stones‘.

♥ kt xx

What a STUD!! D.I.Y. studded iPad case


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My sweet mama gifted me her iPad which she rarely never used. Seeing as how I am constantly clicking away on my computer… blogging, pinning, tweeting, you name it… I was ecstatic! The only problem was that the plain black case it sat in simply would not do! Rather than buy a new, more fashionable case, I decided it would be way more fun to jazz it up myself. Somewhat did I do you ask…? I broke out my bedazzler and got busy! I am pretty pleased with the final product… it’s cute, trendy, and most importantly made with love!
Want to make your own studded iPad case?… Or any case for that matter! Here’s what you will need…
1) a leather or vinyl case / cover
2) a sharpie or pen in a contrasting color
< i used a silver nail polish pen. It was easy to see against the black background, yet wiped off easily if I made a mistake.>
3) a bedazzler
4) studs, rhinestones, or whatever shiny things float your boat…
< i used a combination of gold and silver studs… though it’s kind of hard to tell in the photos>
… if you do not own a bedazzler (but who doesn’t) you can simply use some flat studs (the kinds without the prongs) and some G-S Hypo Cement or any strong hold craft glue available at bead stores, Michaels, etc…
Now what?
Simply mark where you would like to place your studs and stud away!!


before… simple, classic, but kinda boring. zzzzz.


1 hour and 116 studs later… & Voilà… TOTALLY studly!!

i left my ♥ in San Francisco.


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Wine tasting… Artesa was our fav!

Well I’m back from the bay and its safe to say that I am already going through withdrawal! I had the best time with my family… eating, drinking, relaxing, exploring, sunning, and of course… shopping! We started the trip out in Napa. Wine country was beautiful and we had a blast! We spent the second half of our trip by the bay. We lucked out with beautiful sunny weather for the 4th. Its always hard to leave, but soon I won’t have to… the bay area will be my permanent residence as of next month and I couldn’t be more excited! Here are some photo highlights from my trip…


more vino… when I’m with my sis every hour is happy hour!


Lunch at Angele in downtown Napa. So fun.

_ Frida catching up on her gossip mags… she’s just dying to know who Emily is going to pick!


Frida and Donatella… the cousins were reunited!


me + vino = 🙂

Life is beautiful…


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[What a gorgeous day. Frida and I spent ours outside in the sunshine… it was perfection!!]

Life is too short, don’t ever waste it.
Life is sweet, take time to taste it.
Life is a journey, find the right path.
Life is entertaining, don’t be afraid to laugh.
Life is for good times, make them last.
Life has it’s bad times, put them in your past.
Life is chance, make sure to take it.
But most importantly – Life is what you make it.

xx kt

3 Day Juice Cleanse…

Happy Friday people! Here is my review of the 3 day juice cleanse as promised…

I really enjoyed this cleanse and HIGHLY recommend it! It truly was not difficult at all! The juices tasted great with the exception of day 3 [it was definitely tolerable but too veggie for my taste]. Day 1 was the tastiest! It was the Liver & Kidney Detox and consisted of [ beet, apple, carrot, celery, cucumber, lemon & tomato…(yum)!!] Day 2 was a close second! It was a Green Juice consisting of [apple, celery, cucumber, ginger, parsley & spinach (again, yum!!)] Don’t get me wrong… day 3 was fine, but was the least tasty juice in my opinion [I’m thinking because it didn’t have apple]. Day 3’s juice was made up of [beets, carrot, celery, cucumber, ginger, lemon, lettuce, parsley & spinach].

I have to say… I literally NEVER felt hungry on this cleanse because I was so full [of liquid]. You are drinking A LOT throughout the day. Every hour you consume 8 ounces of juice. You repeat this for 8 hours. At every half hour consume at least 8 ounces of good old H2O! As you can imagine… this keeps you pretty full. By 6:00 you should be finished with your juice. You are also to eat about 6 ounces of lean protein and a healthy serving of steamed veggies for dinner [you should be done by 6:00].

The good, the bad, and the ugly… Lets start with the good which was basically the entire experience! I felt great throughout the whole cleanse and my energy increased as the days went by. I lost 5 lbs in 3 days which was a great way to kick-start summer! My skin is seriously glowing and most importantly I just feel really great all around! I think that this cleanse motivated me to put ONLY natural, healthy, nutrient dense food into my body from here on out… it feels like a fresh start! Another plus is that I got used to drinking TONS of water which is obviously great for you [on average I drank about 130 ounces of H2O each day]! The only bad thing I have to say about the cleanse [and it honestly isn’t really that bad] is that you are drinking SO much liquid that you have to pee [a lot]! sorry… just a warning! I made the mistake of running errands on day 1 [with my juice in tow of course]! It was really more inconvenient than anything! As for the ugly… there was none! All in all it was a great experience and I will definitely be making this a ritual [I’m thinking every other month or so]. So there it is… the 3 day cleanse in a nutshell… so get out there and get juicing… I promise you won’t regret it!