While flipping through the pages of Whole Living at my Acupuncturist’s office yesterday, I stumbled upon a really interesting article about Ayurveda.  The Sanskrit root ayu means “life”, and veda means “pure knowledge.”  Ayurveda is therefore “the science of life”, an ancient practice summarizing the Hindu art of healing and prolonging life.  I had heard about Ayurveda and was semi-familiar with some of it’s teachings, but had never taken the time to learn about the basic principle that Ayurveda builds it’s practice upon, the Doshas.  There are 3 Dosha types, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.   After taking a short quiz in the magazine, it was revealed to me that I am a Kapha (earth and water).  The more I read about Kapha’s, the more I realize that I truly am a Kapha, through and through.  I am now a believer and really interested in learning more about Ayurveda.  Here is a short, online quiz offered by the Chopra Center for Well Being right here in San Diego.  I recommend taking part I to find your Dosha type, followed by part II to discover your current mind-body state.  http://store.chopra.com/dosha-survey.asp  So tell me… what’s your Dosha?