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It’s the weekend… time to de-stress, and what better way than to make your own, custom distressed tee?!

This distressed Balmain shirt will burn a $1625 hole in your pocket… ouch!! Why shell out $1600 big ones when you can do it yourself?!?

Here’s what you’ll need..

+ one cotton t-shirt [any cotton tee will do.. just pick one that you think would be a little bit cuter if it were a little bit beat up]

+ sand paper or a pumice stone.. [i used this one!!]

+ an old textbook or hard covered book.. i used my good old bio book ☺[i NEVER sell back my old textbooks. Too many memories.. does this make me a hoarder?!! or just a nerd??]

Here’s what you’ll do..

+ wrap your tee around your textbook so that you are only working with one layer of the shirt at a time.

+ grab your sand paper or pumice stone and start sanding away.. you will start to see little holes appearing. How quickly this happens will depend on the texture of your tee and roughness of your file]

+ distress your tee to your liking.. [sometimes less is more.. sometimes more is more.. just depends on the style of your tee] & don’t forget the collar!!

+the last and final step is to rock your new, couture, super comfy creation!

xx kt